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Jun 23rd 2023

How to Give a Great Personalized Gift

When it comes to receiving a personalized gift, there is almost nothing better! A personalized gift tells the recipient that the giver thought long and hard about something that would be meaningful to the person receiving the gift! When gifting a personalized gift consider these options:

Their name: You can never go wrong with a gift with the recipients name! Everyone loves to receive a gift with their name and is a fun way to personalize other than just a monogram!

A funny inside joke: Do you and your friend have an inside joke you talk about all the time? Add it to their gift! This is a great way for them to remember you every time they use it!

A significant location: Did you and your BFF both grow up in the same city? Does your BFF love her hometown more than anything else? Try adding the city to your item! A taste of home always makes a gift sweeter!

Patches: Patches are a super fun way to customize a gift! ThreeTwoOne offers emoji patches, letter patches in multiple colors, and other fun patches for your friends or members of your bridal party! 

Now what should you give? You've figured out what you want on your gift, but now what should you personalize? Try some of these options for inspiration:

For the person that loves to travel: luggage tagspassportssmall bags to hold personal items

For the person who is a homebody: sleep maskscandles, aprons, cutting board

For the person who loves going out: vegan leather bagcredit card keychain

Whatever you decide to personalize, they're sure to love it because they know it came from you!


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