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Mar 3rd 2023

​Wedding Planning Check List

Planning your wedding should go down as a memorable moment but more so than not - it becomes an overwhelming list of to-dos. Sometimes when we're wrapped up in the details of everything, we can forget minor or, at times, major things that could have been easily handled along the way. This past Monday was National Wedding Planning Day so to help you with your planning - we compiled some of the details that can go overlooked when you are in the midst of planning.

Meet with the Officiant

On your wedding day you want to make sure you’re getting, well...married. Meet with your officiant to insure you have all of the paperwork out of the way and not having to run to the courthouse before your honeymoon!

Order Favors

Show your appreciation to your bridal party with wedding favors! Having a group gift, such as a custom makeup bag, will give your friends and family something to commemorate the wedding.

Plan with your Photographer

Everyone wants the perfect wedding photos. Planning out with your photographer before the shoot will help make sure your vision comes to light. For inspiration, check pinterest for poses or ask to see your photographer’s portfolio.

Pre-Wedding Meals

You might be dreaming of the catered meal you’ll be having at your reception, but have you prepared what you’ll be eating before the ceremony? Be sure to remember to eat before the event (and maybe have your maid of honor throw a granola bar in her purse.)

Hair and Makeup Location

So, we hired a hair and makeup stylist...where are you getting ready? With your bridesmaids at the venue? At your hotel room alone? Planning out an exact schedule for the day of your wedding (including things seemingly minor) will help keep your big day running smoothly. 

Leave enough time for Wedding Dress Alterations

The dress fit perfectly three months before the wedding, but our bodies could go under changes during the stress or excitement of your big day. Try on your wedding dress a week or so before the event, so you have time to make adjustments.

"Do/Do Not Play" list for your DJ

Do you have a song that reminds you of your ex? Maybe avoid playing it at your reception! Giving your DJ or band a list of dos and don’ts will help you make sure all of your guests are up and dancing.


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